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My name is Emma i am a hobby breeder of Horsefield Tortoises based in Northumberland. I love all animals and have cared for many species for 6years now.

This is a dedicated Horsefield Tortoise site, created by me for the purpose of education and breeding. Based in Northumberland. We work to help and support other tortoise owners whilst providing the most suitable horsefield tortoise pets for our customers.

With we will hopfully have all you need to help you decide if an horsefield tortoise is the right pet for you. And if you do buy a pet tortoise, we have everything you need to help you care for him or her properly. You certainly won’t regret taking one of our loveable tortoise home!

Here at we breed and sell gorgeously cute horsefield tortoises for pets. horsefield tortoises make wonderful exotic pets for all the family. Pet tortoises are easy to care for and are legal to keep in the UK.

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